F (visitor) visas(A002)

Date: 2020-11-27

This window is for F (visitor) visas. Please be aware of the following information. Thank you for your cooperation.

I. Who can apply:

1. Foreigners invited to China for non-commercial exchanges and visits in the fields of science, education, culture, health and sports;

2. Foreign experts and scholars invited by key institutions of higher learning and research institutes, and well-known enterprises in China;

3. High-level foreign management and professional and technical talents certified by the competent department of human resources and the competent department of scientific and technological innovationion Shanghai;

4. Foreign members and research assistants of the work teams that are led by the foreigners who have made significant contributions and are in the special demand of China.

II. Documents required:

1. The applicant's original, valid passport and visa;

2. A completed Visa and Residence Permit Application Form for Foreigners, and the applicant shall go to the local exit-entry administration of public security organs in person to take a free photograph, or the applicant who meets the relevant requirement of applying for visa without coming in person shall submit one color identification photo (taken within 6 months, white background, 2-inch, bareheaded, without modification, photographic paper printed, without smears);

3. One of the following supporting documents consistent with the applicant's identity and reason for application:

(1) Applicants qualified under Article I1 and I2 shall submit an application letter or a letter of recommendation and undertaking issued by the receiving organization in Shanghai;

(2) Applicants qualified under Article I3 shall submit a certification letter issued by the relevant department and a letter of recommendation and undertaking issued by the receiving organization in Shanghai;

(3) Applicants qualified under Article I4 shall submit relevant certification documents (such as certificate of award, medal, certificate of employment, etc.) of the foreigner (team leader) who has made significant contributions and is in the special demand of China, the valid passport of the team leader, the original and photocopy of the residence permit of the team leader, and a letter of recommendation and undertaking issued by the team leader.

4. A business license or relevant registration certificate of the receiving organization, and additionally, if the business license does not contain a unified social code, its organizational code certificate (required only for first-time applicants, unless the receiving organization has changed).

Notes: 1. Foreigners who have made significant contributions and are in the special demand of China refer to the winners of China's national awards and internationally renowned awards, academicians of national academies of science and engineering in each country, professors and researchers of internationally renowned universities and research institutes, senior management and senior professional and technical personnel of internationally renowned enterprises and financial institutions, and other personnel with significant achievements.

2. Key institutions of higher learning and research institutes in China refer to the universities under the Double First Class University Plan, as well as 7 categories of research institutes including national laboratories, national key laboratories, national engineering laboratories, national engineering research centers, national enterprise technology centers, national engineering technology research centers and foreign investment R&D centers; well-known enterprises in China refer to the top 500 Chinese enterprises selected by the China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association, the organizations included in the Shanghai sci-tech innovation occupation list, and the organizations established by the Fortune Global 500 companies in Shanghai.

3. Exit-entry administrations of public security organs may, as they deem necessary, require applicants to attend an interview or submit additional supporting documents (such as proof of financial support, proof of change of information such as name, or business operation certificates, etc.). Applications which fail to provide the requisite information within the required time will be rejected, unless caused by a force majeure event.

4. All decisions of exit-entry administrations of public security organs rejecting applications for extension, replacement or re-issuance of ordinary visas, or rejecting foreigners’ applications for residence permits or permit extensions, shall be final.

III. Office hours and locations:

Exit-Entry Administration of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau (PSB): Monday to Saturday, 9:00-17:00 (except for statutory holidays; Saturdays for document acceptance only)

Exit-entry administration offices of each branches of the Shanghai Municipal PSB:

For office hours and locations, see Office Hours and Locations for Foreigner Certificate Applications in Each District.

IV. Processing time:

Within 7 business days for applications with complete documents required.

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