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CN TALENT sets up the “Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center” under the guidance of Changning District Talents’ Work Coordination Office.

The center is equipped with experienced service professionals with many years of experience working at windows for talents certification services. We can quickly handle Exit-Entry documents, including work permit card, overseas talents’ residence permit (commonly known as "B card"), Taiwan Hongkong Macao personnel employment certificate, overseas Chinese affairs. We can also customize the license solutions for your needs.


Want to set up a company in Shanghai?You are making a brilliant choice. 

To begin with the company registration, you need to understand how to name a Chinese Company? What is the registration process for Foreign Invested Enterprises in China? How to apply for the License and Certificate in different activities? etc.

Generally, Foreign Invested Enterprise in China is referred to WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise), or JV (Joint Venture) company, or RO (Representative Office), including Consulting company, Trading company, Technology company, Food, and Beverage company, as well as Manufactory or Factory company, etc.

CN TALENT provides one-stop business service for Foreign Invested Enterprises, including the Company Registration Process, Bank Account, Accounting & Tax, HR outsourcing, VISA & working permit, and legal services. Moreover, with the help of technology and experts such as lawyers, Chartered accountants, the company secretary makes Company registration smoothy and seamless. 

Choose CN TALENT, choose its expertise with high efficiency, and start your business.

Service Advantage

In order to focus on "International Talent Recruitment", "Enterprise Organization Development" and "Improve Human Resource Efficiency", Changning District Government incorporates Changning Talent Development Company into Shanghai Hongqiao Linkong  Economic Demonstration Zone and CN TALENT becomes a subsidiary to Linkong Zone Development Co. Ltd. With the help of the investment promotion policies and resources of the Linkong Zone and Linkong Investment Office, CN TALENT provides refined, butler-style one-stop registration services for overseas entrepreneurs.


1. Apply for company name

2. Provide legal documents for registration

3. Confirm all documentations for registration

4. Acquire license and ratify tax

5. Stamp carving

6. Open a RMB bank account

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If you are finding a professional consultant agent in China, we are the one can help to run your company, and take charge of all your accounting needs, tax filling, and do all the correspondence with the government and relevant bureaus regarding your company. We will appoint a professional accounting firm to represent you at a very reasonable price.


Focusing on headquarters-oriented enterprises, with an international strategic of Changning high-quality enterprise employment needs, we use bilingual language to publish overseas talent recruitment information and organize the job fairs. To achieve accurate supply and demand docking, creating the fastest train for overseas talent employment.


According to overseas talent or overseas project team needs and market requirements, we provide language and culture, characteristic experience, cultural integration and other courses. We are sincerely invite the well-known domestic and overseas business lecturers or worldwide university professors to break down information barriers, expanding international horizons, and carry out online and center-based international talent training.