(one-year) residence permits for work(A014)

Date: 2020-12-08

This window is for (one-year) residence permits for work. Please be aware of the following information. Thank you for your cooperation.

I. Who can apply:

Foreigners who meet any of the following conditions may apply for a one-year residence permit:

1. Those coming to Shanghai for work;

2. Those coming to Shanghai for commercial entertainment performances.

II. Documents required:

1. The applicant's original, valid passport and visa;

2. A completed Visa and Residence Permit Application Form for Foreigners, and the applicant shall go to the local exit-entry administration of public security organs in person to take a free photograph, or the applicant who meets the relevant requirement of applying for visa without coming in person shall submit one color identification photo (taken within 6 months, white background, 2-inch, bareheaded, without modification, photographic paper printed, without smears);

3. A health certificate issued by a domestic entry-exit inspection and quarantine department within the past 6 months (applicants under 18 and over 70 are exempt from this requirement);

4. An application letter from the applicant's organization (indicating its unified social credit code);

5. An original and photocopy of the business license or registration certificate of the applicant's organization, and, if the business license does not contain its unified social credit code, its organizational code certificate (unless the organization has already been registered, or for repeated applicants with the same organization);

6. Any of the following work permits for foreigners:

(1) Foreigner Work Permit holders shall submit the original and photocopy of the permit and a printed copy of the information obtained by scanning the QR code on it;

(2) Type L-B Shanghai Residence Permit holders shall submit an original and photocopy of the permit;

(3) Applicants engaged in commercial entertainment performances shall provide the Affirmative Administrative Licensing Decision made by the Ministry of Culture or Shanghai Cultural Bureau concerning the performances;

(4) Offshore operators shall submit an original Offshore Petroleum Operation Permit;

Notes: 1. In-person application is required for the first time. Subsequent applications may be made by the organization or relative by providing relevant documents, or online appointment is available at our E-government platform for entry-exit administration ( A medical examination certificate is not required for residence permits renewals within three months of expiration.

2. Submit a letter of commitment and a Notice of the People's Republic of China on Work Permits for Foreigners. A Work Permit for Foreigners is not required (but application must be made within 1 month after receiving a residence permit).

3. Doctors practicing in medical institutions shall additionally submit a Temporary License for Foreign Physicians to Practice Medicine in the People's Republic of China, or a Medical Practice Certificate.

4. Exit-entry administrations of public security organs may, as they deem necessary, require applicants to attend an interview or submit additional supporting documents (such as proof of financial support, proof of change of information such as name, or business operation certificate, etc.). Applications which fail to provide the requisite information within the required time will be rejected, unless caused by a force majeure event.

5. All decisions of exit-entry administrations of public security organs rejecting applications for extension, replacement or re-issuance of ordinary visas, or rejecting foreigners’ applications for residence permits or permit extensions, shall be final.

III. Office hours and locations:

Exit-Entry Administration of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau (PSB): Monday to Saturday, 9:00-17:00 (except for statutory holidays; Saturdays for document acceptance only)

Exit-entry administration offices of each branches of the Shanghai Municipal PSB:

For office hours and locations, see Office Hours and Locations for Foreigner Certificate Applications in Each District.

IV. Processing time:

Within 7 business days for applications with complete documents required.

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